Common things which people ask

  • Do you charge advice fees?

    No, but we ask that you recommend us to family and friends and to provide a Google or Vouched For review.  We only ask for a review after an offer has been issued, confident that you are happy with the advice you have been given!

  • Why should I use a mortgage broker?

    As an independent, whole of market service, we can access deals that you may not be able to get.  We can also source deals at a touch of a button that would take you hours to do.  If you have complex income (self-employed, poor credit, foreign currency for example), we can find the best lender for you.

  • When is the earliest time I can secure a new mortgage deal on my home?

    We can apply for a new rate up to six months before your current deal matures.  If rates reduce after a product is secured and before your current deal ends, we can apply for that rate too (subject to eligibility).

  • Do you do home visits?

    We offer home visits if you are Kent based or video/telephone calls for those who are further afield/prefer to do this instead. 

  • Am I too old to get a mortgage?

    We will assess your income, including salary and/or current or future pensions, to seek the most appropriate lender.  A small number of lenders provide retirement interest only mortgages on which we can advise.

  • I’m self-employed – will it be difficult for me to get a mortgage?

    Sole traders will be assessed on net profits.  Ltd company directors will be assessed on either a combination of salary and dividends, or salary and their percentage of pre-tax or net profits.  Some lenders will cap lending based on income multiples for lenders.  We will advise on the lender that helps boost affordability where required.

  • Will you need a credit report for me?

    It is important to have a full disclosure of any information on your credit file before applying for a decision in principle or mortgage.  You can either obtain a copy of your credit file (including from Experian/Equifax/TransUnion) or we can send you a link to do soft credit checks.

  • Can I add my parents or children on to a mortgage as borrowers, but not owners of the property I wish to buy or remortgage?

    Yes, subject to affordability for all parties involved.  Non-occupying borrowers or those not on the mortgage deed may need to get independent legal advice.  Lenders in this market offer “Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor” mortgages which help boost affordability.  We can advise if this route is available and suitable for you.

  • Do you advise on Shared Ownership properties?

    We do advise on these properties and assess if staircasing is an option when remortgaging.

  • What documents should I have available when applying for a mortgage?

    If you are employed, you should supply your last P60 and three months’ pay slips and bank statements into which your salary is paid.  The statements should have your name and address on.

    If you are self-employed and a sole trader, your last two years’ tax calculations and overviews will be needed.  If you are a director of your own limited company, you will need to provide your last three years’ full trading accounts as well as tax calculations and overviews.  A lender will also need your last three months’ business bank statements and may go back further. 

    If you are remortgaging, your most recent mortgage statement and account number.

    If you are buying, proof of deposit and/or details of any sum that will be gifted.

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